Grebes (Podicipediformes) - RStade

Pied-billed Grebe – Communicating between dives

Podilymbus podiceps

March – Texas

L=13” ...... WS=16” ...... WT=1 lb Order: Podicipediformes (Grebes) Family: Podicipedidae (Grebes)

The Pied-billed Grebe is a secretive bird with a loud and reaching call that is frequently heard before the bird is spotted. They are seldom seen in flight during the day since they prefer to avoid danger by diving or sinking from view. The sinking is accomplished by expelling air from the area between the feathers and body and from air sacs. Grebes are strong swimmers due to the unusual ability of their feet to rotate 90 degrees between the power stroke and the recovery stroke. This is different from all other families of living birds. In this picture the two grebes were diving for food and every 3-4 minutes they would swim to each other, chatter for about 20 seconds and then dive again.

Grebe Piedbilled