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Glossy Ibis – With Breeding Plumage Foraging

Pledgadis falcinellus

April – Texas

L=23” ...... WS=36” ...... WT=1.2 lb Order: Ciconiiformes (Herons, Ibises, Storks, New World Vultures, Allies) Family: Threskiornithidae (Ibises and Spoonbills)

The wisest of the Egyptian gods was Thoth, the patron of writing, astronomy, mathematics, law, magic, and healing. Thoth was usually depicted as an ibis headed man or as a full ibis. The ibis was relatively common throughout Egypt until the 19th Century, but now has almost disappeared. In North America during the 20th century the Glossy Ibis has gone from a rare species found predominately in Florida to a common breeder as far north as Maine This remarkable range expansion compares to the related White-faced Ibis which suffered greatly in the 1960's and 70's due to pesticides, draught, and drainage of mesting areas.

Ibis Glossy