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Yellow-rumped Warbler

Dendroica coronata

September – Nova Scotia

L=5.5” ...... WS=9.25 ...... WT=0.45 oz Order: Passeriformes (Passerine Birds) Family: Parulidae (Wood Warblers)

Yellow-rumped Warblers have two sub-species – the “myrtle” in the eastern U.S. and Canada and the “Audubon’s” in the west. The name “myrtle” derives from the birds ability to eat wax myrtle berries. This ability to digest waxes gives the Yellow-rumped Warbler an largely uncontested food source as other birds do not have the enzymes necessary to gain energy from the wax. In Texas they also appear to scrape wax from the seeds of the alien and invasive Chinese Tallow.

Warbler Yellow rumped