Birds Living II by Richard Stade - RStade

Eastern Phoebe – Landing

Sayornis phoebe

February – Texas

L=7”...... WS=10.5” ....... WT=0.7 oz Order: Passeriformes (Passerine Birds) Family: Tyannidae (Tyrant Flycatchers)

Eastern Phoebes are flycatchers with dull coloration and unobtrusive behavior. Their breeding range is expanding apparently because of their willingness to nest on human dwellings and under bridges. Even so, Eastern Phoebes have a strong site attachment – a fact first observed by James Audubon in 1804. Eastern Phoebes move from place to place almost exclusively by flying - they rarely walk, hop or even pivot when on a perch. They are also loners who usually fail to even acknowledge other species, except predators.