Birds Living II by Richard Stade - RStade

Chukar – Male

Alectoris chukar

August – Utah

L=14” ...... WS=20” ...... WT=1.3 lb......m>f Order: Galliformes (Gallinaceous Birds) Family: Phasiandae (Grouse, Turkeys, and Allies)

Chukars were introduced to the United States from northern India (now Pakistan) in the 1890’s. Subsequent introductions on a large scale occurred in the 20th century in an effort to establish a new game bird. The preferred habitat of the Chukar is steep, rocky, mountainous terrain and it feeds on seeds and leaves. The bird has become established in the Great Basin in Utah and Nevada and north through parts of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. It is a favorite game bird of western hunters who consider it a particular challenge as they have to track the bird over great distances. Generally, the Chukar prefers to run instead of fly and can outdistance humans on difficult rocky terrain. If forced to fly the bird will explode upward and then glide downhill.