Birds Living II by Richard Stade - RStade

Savannah Sparrow – Foraging

Passerculus sandwichensis

April – Texas

L=5.5” ...... WS=6.75”....... WT=0.7 oz Order: Passeriformes (Passerine Birds) Family: Emberizidae (New World Sparrows)

Savannah Sparrows, like many sparrows, forage on the ground in grassy areas. Because of this and their skulking behavior, they can be hard to observe closely. Like most sparrows, they can be hard to identify due to their small size, tendency to flush rapidly, and very similar appearance to other sparrows. One behavior that aids in identifying Savannah Sparrows is their tendency to flush when humans are relatively far away and fly to nearby trees, shrubs or other elevated objects before continuing to forage. Most other sparrows wait until almost stepped on to flush and then fly a long distance and resume foraging.