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19. Pastor Fr. John S. Breslin preaching at St. Ailbe Catholic Church in Chicago, IL

Artist: Pastor Fr. John S. Breslin Title: Not Titled Media: Church Service (photograph)

Comments: While he is not African American, nor from the South, his preaching style is reminiscent of a Black southern preacher. He grabs the congregation's attention with humorous story telling, vivid oration and call and response techniques. He even occasionally slips into "Black" vernacular. He has encouraged the choirs, who primarily were restricted to textbook Catholic hymns, to expand their repertoire with old gospel standards and cutting edge urban contemporary Christian music.(10),/h3> Photo Copyright: St. Ailbe Catholic Church

20. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Nyctanassa violacea Size: L 24” WS 42” WT 1.5 lb Location (date): Texas (July) Media: Digital Photograph

Comments: Numerous species of birds sun and adopt quite varied positions in doing so. There is is little experimental data to establish the function of sunning but some suggested purposes include keeping the feathers supple through limited heating, harming or repositioning parasites, saving energy by taking up solar heat and simply doing it because it feels good. A number of large water birds stand for many minutes with their wings extended in a pose known as “spead-wing posture”. This type of sunning is most certainly done to help dry the feathers and to increase body heat.(11)

Photo Copyright: Richard Stade (2009)

HeronYellowcrowned Night