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15. Edward Steichen – J.P. Morgan

Artist: Edward Steichen ( American born Luxembourg,1879-1973) Title: J.Pierpont Morgan (1903) Ownership: Chrysler Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and others Media: Photograph, Gelatin-Silver Print

Comments: J. P. Morgan became one of the wealthiest men in the world by consolidating small electric companies into the General Electric Corporation and combining many steel manufactures into The United States Steel Corporation. he had a formidable physical presence, dominating personality, and was a coldly rational man. J.P morgan supposedly allowed only two minutes for a photographer to take his picture which was to be used by a portrait artist. Edward Steichen took this and one other picture in the reported two minutes. Justly famous for catching light to make the arm of the chair look like a knife in Morgan’s hand it is equally suuccessful at capturing the character of J.P. Morgan.

Photo Copyright: Chrysler Museum of Art

16. Eastern Screech Owl

Megascops asio Size: L 8.5” ...... WS 20” ...... WT 6 oz Location (date): Texas (June) Media: Digital Photograph

Eastern Screech Owls are quite small and strictly nocturnal. They roost during the day and rely on camouflage as a form of defence, only fleeing at the last moment when the perceived threat is very close. These birds adapt to a wide variety of wooded settings with the only critical requirement being a place to nest which can include nest boxes.

Photo Copyright: Richard Stade (2009)

OwlEastern Screech