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Sharp-shinned Hawk – Looking for Prey

Accipiter striatus

December – Texas

L=11” ...... WS=23” ...... WT= 5 oz Order: Falconiformes (Diurnal Birds of prey) Family: Accipitridae (Hawks and Allies)

Sharp-shinned Hawks are the smallest accipiter in North America. The “sharpie” is a jay-sized bird that inhabits deciduous forests and urban areas and feeds mostly on small birds. These birds are often reviled by people with birdfeeders as they will perch near birdfeeders and snatch visiting birds. Sharp-shinned Hawks do not dive from above when attacking prey, rather, they rely on surprise and attack from a perch. The prey may be perched or flying when attacked. When the Sharp-shinned Hawk attacks it will burst at the last second from its perch and fly through small limbs and foliage as part of the chase. In general, these birds are secretive and quickly flee from danger or disturbances.

Hawk Sharpshinned