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Sandhill Crane – Flying out in early morning

Grus canadensis

January – New Mexico

L=41-46” ...... WS=73-77” ...... WT=7.3-10.6 lb ....... m>f Order: Gruiformes (Rails, Cranes, Allies) Family: Gruidae (Cranes)

Sandhill Cranes are one of two types of crane commonly found in North America, the other being the endangered Whooping Crane. They are among the oldest living birds and are long lived, with some individuals surviving for 20 or more years. Prior to migration large numbers of Sandhill Cranes gather on the Platte River in Nebraska and then migrate en masse. At their wintering grounds large flocks remain together roosting at night and flying out to feeding grounds during the day. One favored place for wintering is Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.