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Dark-eyed Junco – "Pink-sided"

Junco hyemalis

October – New Mexico

L=6.25” ...... WS=9.25”....... WT=0.7 oz Order: Passeriformes (Passerine Birds) Family: Emberizidae (New World Sparrows)

The Dark-eyed Junco was considered 5 distinct groups, two of which had sub-species, until the 1970’s when the American Ornithologist’s Union grouped all five into one species. Still, the distinctiveness of the individual sub groups was recognized. Today the Dark-eyed Junco has the following five groups – “slate-colored”, “Oregon”, “white-winged”, “gray-headed”, and “Gaudalupe”. The “pink-sided” shown here is a sub-species of the group “Oregon”. Clearly, though these are considered to be one species the physical differences are notable. Even with this confusion, the Dark-eyed Junco is one of the most common and most recognized birds in North America. It is abundant, tame, conspicuous in its foraging behavior, and frequents feeders and urban landscapes.