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Lewis’s Woodpecker – guarding cache

Melanerpes lewis

January – Colorado

L=9” ...... WS=10.75” ...... WT=3 oz Order: Piciformes (Woodpeckers and Allies) Family: Picidae (Woodpeckers and Allies)

Lewis’s Woodpecker is named in honor of Meriwether Lewis who observed and recorded his sighting in 1805 while on the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. This woodpecker has long slow wing beats similar to a crow in flight. It feeds mainly on insects in the spring and summer which it catches on the wing using its exceptionally acrobatic flying skills. In fall and winter Lewis’s Woodpeckers switch to acorns and seeds which it will store in the bark cavities of trees. Once stored the bird will guard the area and the cache scrupulously. In this picture the Lewis’s Woodpecker has finished storing seeds in a nearby tree and is now resting and guarding the stores.